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Whether you are looking for a great small reference book or you are aiming to collect all 400+ variations of the Observer's Books Series you have come to the right place.

An introduction into the delightful pocket sized Observer's Books series.

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33 - The Observer's Book of Lichens by K.A. Kershaw & K.L. Alvin
To describe the contents of this book in just a few words I can't do better than to quote from the front flap of the black and white version of the dustwrapper: "The Study of lichens is a fascinating subject and in this book the authors have sought to provide an introductory volume for the layman, teacher and student, as well as a handy reference book to the subject. The book fully covers the structure and reproduction of lichens together with...

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Observer Books
These delightful pocket sized books have become both a collector's delight and a torture for those whose aim it is to collect every variation of every edition. Prices for books in this informative series vary from the hundreds of pounds for a 1st edition of The Observer's Book of Birds, with a wrapper, to a few pence for some titles published in the Observer's heyday of the 1970's. So where did it all start? Frederick Warne had a history of publishing both children's books and natural history books. Of particular note...

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